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Monday, December 5, 2022
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ios – UIActivityViewController ignoring excludedActivityTypes

I have to exclude .saveToCameraRoll from a UIActivityViewController however it’s ignoring excludedActivityTypes.

activityVC = UIActivityViewController(activityItems: [imgUrl], applicationActivities: actions)
activityVC!.excludedActivityTypes = [.saveToCameraRoll]

I additionally tried making a “customized” UIActivty and exclude it:

let saveToCameraRollActivity = UIActivity.ActivityType.init(rawValue: "(UIActivity.ActivityType.saveToCameraRoll.rawValue)")
activityVC!.excludedActivityTypes = [saveToCameraRollActivity]

Each methods haven’t any impact, the Save Picture possibility continues to be displayed. What’s the level of with the ability to exclude exercise varieties if they’re ignored?

The header says:

excludedActivityTypes: [UIActivity.ActivityType]? // default is nil. exercise varieties listed won't be displayed

I want to make use of my very own Save Picture as a result of commonplace one isn’t respecting the file title (though it’s proven with the file icon and I’m utilizing a URL).



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